Churchill, A Very Peculiar History

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Published: January 2018
For Ages: Primary
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Author: David Ascott

Product Category: Reference / Reference: Biography

Published By: Salariya Book Company
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Published: 28-Jan-2018
Format: Hardback, 192 pages
RRP: $14.99
ISBN: 9781912233373
Winston Churchill, voted the greatest Briton of all time in a recent public poll, led a life rich in accomplishments, and this fast-paced chronological guide delves into the many ups and downs of his life and career.

Marvel at his derring-do and precocious abilities as a young man during the Boer War, wince at his blunders as Home Secretary in the Liberal government, laugh along with his talent for self-promotion and admire his steely resolve during the Second World War.

Featuring a beautiful gatefold illustration of Chartwell and its grounds, black and white illustrations, witty anecdotes, incredible trivia, a timeline and glossary, readers of all ages will be entertained and educated.

Churchill, A Very Peculiar History
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