Greek Myths: Greek Volume 1

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Published: March 2017
For Ages: Ages 3+
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Author: Jacqueline Morley

Product Category: Myths & Beliefs / M&B: Legends & Myths

Brand: Scribblers
Series: Greek Myths
Published By: Salariya Book Company
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Published: 09-Mar-2017
Format: Hardback, 96 pages
RRP: $20.99
ISBN: 9781910706817
Interest Level: 3+
Reading Level: 3+
Timeless stories as they've never been told before. Stories include: Prometheus and Pandora Persephone Eros and Psyche Echo and Narcissus The Story of Arachne King Midas Meleager and the Blazing Log Atlanta and the Golden Apples

Greek Myths: Greek Volume 1
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