Dark Man: The Face in the Dark Mirror

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Published: July 2014
For Ages: Primary
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Author: Peter Lancett

Product Category: Levelled Readers / Readers: Remedial-Teen

Series: Dark Man
Published By: Ransom
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Published: 24-Jul-2014
Format: Paperback, 38 pages
RRP: $14.99
ISBN: 9781841674117
Meet the Dark Man. He is a hero who lives in the shadows. He is a man with secret powers.
In the fight between good and evil, the Dark Man works for good. He must find the Golden Cup to keep its great power safe.
Yet the evil Shadow Masters also seek the Golden Cup. And they must fight the Dark Man to get it.
So the Dark Man can never rest. This is his destiny.

Dark Man: The Face in the Dark Mirror
Temporarily out of stock $14.99
Dark Man: Fear in the Dark
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