Hairy Mole: Precious Islands

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Published: September 2014
For Ages: Lower Primary
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Author: Chris Owen

Product Category: Fiction / Fiction: Age Groups / Fiction: Age 8 - 9

Series: Hairy Mole
Published By: Ransom
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Published: 01-Sep-2014
Format: Paperback, 114 pages
RRP: $11.99
ISBN: 9781841670829
Yet again, Hairy Mole and his terrifyingly cut-throat pirate crew take to the high seas - this time to rescue cousin Furry Mole from the clutches (and the knives and forks) of three outrageously wicked witches.
On the way they discover stones that smell of Brussels sprouts, football-playing cockroaches and a crystal cavern guarded by something with really smelly breath.
Onwards they battle through slime and thunder storms, determined to find, if not their fortunes, then plenty of exotic jams.

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Hairy Mole: Precious Islands
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