The Team: #7 Football Rules

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Published: May 2021
For Ages: Primary
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Author: David Bedford, Keith Brumpton

Product Category: Fiction / Fiction: Age Groups / Fiction: Age 8 - 9

Series: The Team
Published By: Secret Book Company
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Published: 01-May-2021
Format: Paperback, 76 pages
RRP: $14.99
ISBN: 9781789980929
Harvey is having a bad mathc. It's too hot. The Team can't score, and then when they do, the ref says it wasn't a goal. Harvey gets so angry he tells the ref he isn't doing his job properly...then Harvey gets is first ever red card. He has to leave the field. he won't be able to play in next week's Cup Final. And the worst punishment of all is - he has to go to referee school!

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