Lois Lane: #2 Double Down

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Published: June 2017
For Ages: Upper Primary, Lower Secondary
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Author: Gwenda Bond

Product Category: Fiction / Fiction: Age Groups / Fiction: Age 13 - 14

Series: Lois Lane
Published By: Curious Fox
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Published: 01-Jun-2017
Format: Paperback, 384 pages
RRP: $16.99
ISBN: 9781782023685
From acclaimed author Gwenda Bond comes a contemporary reimagining of teenage Lois Lane. She and her family have lived all over, but now they're in Metropolis for good, and Lois is determined to stay quiet. Fit in. Maybe make a friend. As soon as she walks into her new high school, though, she can see it won't be that easy. A group known as the Warheads is making life miserable for another girl at school. They're messing with her mind somehow, via the high-tech immersive video game they all play. Not cool. Armed with her wit and her new snazzy job as a reporter, Lois has her sights set on solving this mystery. But even she needs help sometimes. Thank goodness for her maybe-more-than-a-friend, someone she knows only by his screen name, SmallvilleGuy...

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