Eco-Disasters: Oil Spill

Deepwater Horizon
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Published: July 2018
For Ages: Primary
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Author: Meish Goldish

Product Category: Geography & Environment / Geo/Env: Environment/Ecology / Geo/Env: EE - Disaster Manmade

Series: Eco-Disasters
Published By: Bearport Publishing
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Published: 01-Jul-2018
Format: Hardback, 32 pages
RRP: $27.99
ISBN: 9781684022267
On April 20, 2010, workers on a rig in the Gulf of Mexico were drilling for oil when a fire broke out. Then there was a huge explosion, which killed 11 workers. Yet, that wasn't the only disaster. The blast caused millions of gallons of oil to leak into the Gulf. Look inside to learn the tragic story of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig and the deadly effects of the enormous oil leak.

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  • Years 5-6

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