Weird But Cute: Gecko

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Published: October 2016
For Ages: Primary
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Author: Jessica Rudolph

Product Category: Nature / Nature: Animals / Nature: Animals - Inse&Spiders

Series: Weird But Cute
Published By: Bearport Publishing
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Published: 01-Oct-2016
Format: Hardback, 24 pages
RRP: $24.99
ISBN: 9781627248495
What's that lizard with the big eyes? It's a gecko! Some geckos are very colorful. Others are a dull color so they can blend in with tree bark or fallen leaves. Why would they need to do this? Beginning readers will learn the answer in this simple yet playful nonfiction text. They will also learn basic information about where geckos live, what they eat, and all about their peculiar bodies and behaviors. Each 24-page book features controlled text with age-appropriate vocabulary and simple sentence construction. The lively text, colorful design, and eye-catching photos are sure to capture the interest of emergent readers.

Australian Curriculum:

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