Greatest Sports Moments: A Win for Women

Billie Jean King Takes Down Bobby Riggs
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Published: July 2019
For Ages: Ages 8-9+
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Author: Brandon Terrell
Illustrator: Eduardo Garcia

Product Category: Graphic Novel / Graphic Novel: Non Fiction

Series: Greatest Sports Moments
Published By: Capstone
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Published: 01-Jul-2019
Format: Paperback, 32 pages
RRP: $12.99
ISBN: 9781543542219
Lexile Level: GN690L
Interest Level: 8-14
Reading Level: 8-9
In 1973 two famous tennis stars faced off in a match known as the "Battle of the Sexes." Bobby Riggs believed that men were superior to women in every way. He claimed that he could defeat any woman on the tennis court. Meanwhile, Billie Jean King knew she could beat Riggs and show that women were just as good as men. In this action-packed graphic novel, watch Billie Jean King prove that female athletes can compete and win at the highest level in any sport.

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Greatest Sports Moments: A Win for Women
Temporarily out of stock $12.99
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