Universal Myths: Dawn of Time

Creation Myths Around the World
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Published: May 2018
For Ages: Ages 8-9+
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Author: Nel Yomtov
Illustrator: Dante Lividini

Product Category: Graphic Novel / Graphic Novel: Non Fiction

Brand: Graphic Library
Series: Universal Myths
Published By: Capstone
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Published: 01-May-2018
Format: Paperback, 48 pages
RRP: $12.99
ISBN: 9781515766339
Interest Level: 8-14
Reading Level: 8-9
How did the earth and all its life come to be? Gather round and discover seven ancient stories that answer this great mystery. Meet Mayan gods who spoke the world into existence. Find out how Norse gods formed the earth out of an evil giant's body, and much more. Experience firsthand the beginning of life as old creation myths from around the world come to life. Long ago, people told stories to explain the world around them. Though separated by great distances, diverse cultures often explored common themes in their myths - from how life began and how it will end, to terrible floods and warring gods. With the exciting graphic retellings of Universal Myths, discover for yourself the unique differences and stunning similarities between ancient tales from around the world.

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