Junior High Drama - A Graphic Novel

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Published: July 2019
For Ages: Ages 8-9+
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Author: Louise Simonson
Illustrator: Louise Simonson

Product Category: Fiction / Fiction: Age Groups / Fiction: Age 10 - 12

Brand: Junior High Drama
Published By: Capstone
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Published: 01-Jul-2019
Format: Paperback, 240 pages
RRP: $22.99
ISBN: 9781496547125
Interest Level: 8-11
Reading Level: 8-9
Welcome to Memorial Middle School, where drama fills the classrooms and follows students home on the bus. Social awkwardness. Mean girls. Hallway gossip. It's all part of life in junior high, but maybe it helps to know you aren't alone. Can Lucia avoid the boy-girl party? Will Kamilla overcome her self-consciousness and try out for the play? Can Allie keep anyone from finding out her secret? Told in graphic formal, Junior High Drama shows that while you can't escape the drama, you can certainly survive it.

Safe graphic novels that appeal to girls' taste and sensibilities. Diverse illustrator Sumin Cho creates expressive characters that readers relate to. Diverse cast of characters, reflective of today's American middle school.

Junior High Drama - A Graphic Novel
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