Thud & Blunder: Not-So-Heroic Knight

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Published: February 2017
For Ages: Primary
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Author: Blake Hoena

Product Category: Fiction / Fiction: Age Groups / Fiction: Age 8 - 9

Series: Thud & Blunder
Published By: Capstone
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Published: 01-Feb-2017
Format: Paperback, 56 pages
RRP: $9.99
ISBN: 9781496532237
A knight in shining armor asks Thud and Blunder to join him on a heroic journey! But it leads to a deadly dungeon. The dungeon has lots of treasure! But it’s guarded by the Ultra-Mega-Lich. The knight says he can easily defeat the monster! But his armor and sword look unused. How can two nine-year-old knights in search of adventure turn down such a Great Opportunity? Will the Ultra-Mega-Lich eat their souls? Will Thud and Blunder finally find fame and fortune? Find all the answers to everything—and MORE—in their greatest quest yet!

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