Far Out Fairy Tales: Ninja-rella

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Published: May 2018
For Ages: Primary
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Author: Joey Comeau
Illustrator: Omar Lozano

Product Category: Graphic Novel / Graphic Novel: Fiction

Series: Far Out Fairy Tales
Published By: Capstone
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Published: 01-May-2018
Format: Paperback, 40 pages
RRP: $11.99
ISBN: 9781434296511
Cinderella's stepmother and two stepsisters treat her like dirt. Each and every day, they force her to clean their clothes and cook their meals. But each night, in secret and in shadows, Cinderella trains to be a ninja! More than anything, Ninja-rella yearns to become the Prince's bodyguard. But how can she prove her worth when her stepmother won't let her leave the house?