Speed Rules: Mustang

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Published: May 2018
For Ages: Upper Primary, Lower Secondary
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Author: Nicky Wright

Product Category: Science / Science: Transport / Science: Trans - Cars/Road

Series: Speed Rules
Published By: Mason Crest Publishing
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Published: 01-May-2018
Format: Hardback, 96 pages
RRP: $39.99
ISBN: 9781422238356
No car is more truly American than the Mustang. It was created in the 1960s to redefine what a sports car is, combining classic styling with super-powerful American engine technology. Over the years, it has retained its unique sense of place among the great cars of the world. Inside, find out how the Mustang was born and has grown to thunder around the world. Strap in for the ultimate tour of the most amazing, powerful, and stylish cars in the world. Each volume explores the history of a famous brand, features the hottest and most valuable models, and brings readers "up to speed" on everything about The World's HOttest Cars!

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