Childhood Fears and Anxieties: Catastrophes

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Published: June 2018
For Ages: Upper Primary, Lower Secondary
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Author: H.W. Poole

Product Category: Health PE&PD / Health PE&PD: Health / Health PE&PD: Hlth - Mental

Series: Childhood Fears and Anxieties
Published By: Mason Crest Publishing
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Published: 01-Jun-2018
Format: Hardback, 48 pages
RRP: $34.99
ISBN: 9781422237236
It's natural that the very idea of catastrophes is scary for kids - after all, whether it's a storm, a flood, or a fire, catastrophes can upend our lives. This book talks about how to manage our fears of these unlikely but possible events and stay mindfully in the present moment. It also suggests basic preparedness measures that may help reduce anxiety and discusses how to get help if a catastrophe should occur.
Fear and anxiety are completely normal parts of growing up. Fear keeps us from climbing too high up that tree, while anxiety reminds us that we ought to study for that test tomorrow. But when anxiety gets out of control, it can rob kids of their educations, friends, and happiness. The set Childhood Fears and Anxieties takes a warm, supportive look at these feelings and how they can be managed.

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  • Years 7-8