Drug Addiction and Recovery: Opioids

Heroin, OxyContin, and Painkillers
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Published: TBC
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Author: John Perritano

Product Category: Health PE&PD / Health PE&PD: Issues / Health PE&PD: Iss - Drugs/Alco

Series: Drug Addiction and Recovery
Published By: Mason Crest Publishing
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Published: TBC
Format: Hardback, 64 pages
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ISBN: 9781422236079
Drugs that are derived from (or mimic the effects of) the poppy are some of humanity's oldest and most powerful. In fact, Opiate drugs were the main tools of doctors for centuries. Unfortunately, misuse of opioids has reached epidemic levels, destroying lives and tearing families apart. This book looks at the history and effects of opioids and introduces readers to treatments that can help turn users' lives around.