Living Proud! Growing Up LGBTQ: Being Transgender

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Published: September 2017
For Ages: Secondary
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Author: Robert Rodi

Product Category: Health PE&PD / Health PE&PD: Issues

Series: Living Proud! Growing Up LGBTQ
Published By: Mason Crest Publishing
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Published: 01-Sep-2017
Format: Hardback, 64 pages
RRP: $36.99
ISBN: 9781422235027
What is gender? What are gender stereotypes? Whats the difference between being a tomboy or an effeminate man and being transgender? What are your options when you feel like your physical sex is out of sync with who you are? Explore the answers to these questions and more with an in-depth look at what it means to be transgender. Learn from the personal experiences of people who have taken steps to transition from the sex they were assigned at birth and transgender young people who have made the difficult choice to live openly as their authentic gender while still in high school. Understand better the realities of this often-misunderstood group and how it fits into the gay community.

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