Animal Body Coverings: Shells

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Published: February 2016
For Ages: Lower Primary
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Author: Holly Beaumont

Product Category: Nature / Nature: Animals

Series: Animal Body Coverings
Published By: Raintree
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Published: 01-Feb-2016
Format: Hardback, 24 pages
RRP: $28.99
ISBN: 9781406299250
This series looks at different body coverings, from the shells on snails to the fur on monkeys and the scales on reptiles. Discover how body coverings vary and the different jobs they do in helping animals to survive.
This book is all about shells and how they help snails to stay safe and survive. Discover how shells are different on different animals and how they change as the animals grow up.

Australian Curriculum:
Australian Curriculum Correlation:
  • (Years F-1) ACSSU017 ''External features''

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