Geography Matters In: Ancient Greece

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Published: March 2015
For Ages: Upper Primary, Lower Secondary
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Author: Melanie Waldron

Product Category: History / History: Ancient / History: Ancient - Archaeology

Series: Geography Matters In
Published By: Raintree
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Published: 01-Mar-2015
Format: Hardback, 48 pages
RRP: $31.99
ISBN: 9781406291216
How did a volcanic eruption put an end to9 Minoan civilization?
What crops did the Ancient Greeks grow?
How did city-states form around the Greek empire?
Discover how the hot climate affected the crops that Greeks could grow and the housing and clothing they needed. Find out how proximity to the Mediterranean Sea enable Greece to trade and to strengthen its military might, and how the Mycenaeans were able to protect themselves from attackers by using the natural features of their landscape and its resources.

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  • (Year 7) ''The Ancient World''

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