Landform Top Tens: The World's Most Amazing Volcanoes

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Published: September 2009
For Ages: Primary
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Author: Anna Claybourne

Product Category: Geography & Environment / Geo/Env: Environment/Ecology / Geo/Env: EE - Moutains&Deserts

Series: Landform Top Tens
Published By: Raintree
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Published: 09-Sep-2009
Format: Hardback, 32 pages
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ISBN: 9781406211009
Which volcanoe were women not allowed to climb until 1860?
What is the difference between a shield volcano and a stratovolcano?
Which volcano blew over 1,000 metres off its top in 1815?
The world has many volcanoes, including some that constantly erupt with a slow, steady flow, and others that blow with one massive explosion. Find out about the incredible history of these volcanoes, the animals and plants that make their homes here, and the people who live at the feet of these huge landforms.