The Psychic Arts: Palm Reading

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Published: TBC
For Ages: Ages 9-10+
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Author: Megan Atwood

Product Category: Myths & Beliefs / M&B: Paranorm/Supernat/Occult

Series: The Psychic Arts
Published By: Capstone
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Published: TBC
Format: Hardback, 48 pages
RRP: $35.99
ISBN: 9780756561024
Lexile Level: 830L
Interest Level: 9-13
Reading Level: 9-10
Who knew that the lines in your palm could tell you important things about yourself? How long will you live? How many people will you love? Will you have health problems? The art of palm reading has been around for centuries and people still practice it today. Find out what the lines in your palm say about you and your friends and loved ones in the introduction to this ancient, but still modern, art.