Grisly Medicine

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Published: March 2022
For Ages: Upper Primary, Lower Secondary
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Author: John Farndon

Product Category: History / History: Modern

Published By: Hungry Tomato
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Published: 01-Mar-2022
Format: Hardback, 96 pages
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ISBN: 9781913440503
We take a lot for granted about modern medicine, but if you read about the grisly stuff behind the advances of medicine, you couldn't help but think how lucky we are.
It's fascinating, often really funny and the grisly bits are unbelievable!
Kill or cure is a good way to describe the efforts of the early surgeons who performed operations.
Get ready to learn about toe-curling treatments (some of which are still used today); an awesome mix of successful stuff and wildly experimental failures. It all adds up to a grisly, funny "no way did that really happen"read!

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