You Do You

Figuring Out Your Body, Dating, and Sexuality
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Published: July 2020
For Ages: Secondary
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Author: Sarah Mink

Product Category: Health PE&PD / Health PE&PD: Issues / Health PE&PD: Iss - Teenage

Published By: Lerner Publishing
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Published: 01-Jul-2020
Format: Hardback, 120 pages
RRP: $39.99
ISBN: 9781541540224
Teen sex. STIs. Sexting. Rape. Sexual harassment. #MeToo and #YesAllWomen. Today's teens launch into their sexual lives facing challenging issues but with little if any formalized learning about sex and human reproduction. Many of them get their sex ed from online porn. Through this authoritative, inclusive, and teen-friendly overview, readers learn the basics about sex, sexuality, human reproduction and development, birth control, gender identity, healthy communication, dating, relationships and break ups, the importance of consent, safety, body positivity and healthy lifestyles, media myths, and more. Advice-column-style Q&As and real-life stories add human drama and authenticity.

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